Adult Beginners Trailer: Rose Byrne Takes in Her Troubled Brother


Watch the first official trailer for Adult Beginners, which has been enjoying some positive reviews since its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The film tells of failed businessman (Nick Kroll), who moves in with his estranged pregnant sister (Rose Byrne), her husband (Bobby Cannavale), and their three-year-old son after a company launch doesn’t go according to plan. He ends up becoming a nanny of sorts as a way of repaying them for letting him stay, which just may have a hand in helping him grow up and getting his life back in order.

We’ve seen this sort of picture many times before, especially with these smaller dramedy types, but this could nevertheless prove to be an insightful affair. The cast is strong, especially the always-reliable Byrne, and the screenplay seems to have a nice balance of drama and feel-good comedy. We’ll see…

Adult Beginners, marking the directorial debut of producer Ross Katz (In the Bedroom, Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette), opens in limited U.S. release on April 24.

Official synopsis for Adult Beginners:

A young, hipster entrepreneur (Nick Kroll) crashes and burns on the eve of his company’s big launch. With his entire life in disarray, he leaves Manhattan to move in with his estranged pregnant sister (Rose Byrne), brother-in-law (Bobby Cannavale) and three year-old nephew in the suburbs — only to become their manny. Faced with real responsibility, he may finally have to grow up — but not without some bad behavior first.