The Affair Trailer: Showtime’s Intriguing Upcoming Series

The first trailer has been released for The Affair, Showtime’s upcoming series starring Dominic West (The Wire) and Ruth Wilson (Luther). Told from both the male and female perspectives, the series will tell of Alison (Wilson), a waitress picking herself up from a tragedy. Her troubled marriage with Cole (Joshua Jackson) is made all the harder when she begins an affair with Noah (West), a New York City public school teacher. While the plot may sound like the summary of a daytime soap, The Affair trailer provides confidence that this will be anything but a simple melodrama. It’s only a teaser, but we’re given a few hints that point to a darker, bigger picture. There appears to be an investigation into our two leads, with questions surrounding their affair. We’re quite intrigued. What is this “tragedy”? What is Alison carrying in that container? The questions are already piling up, and we’re very interesting to see how these separate perspectives drive forward the narrative.

The Affair comes from an original script penned by writer/producer Sarah Treem (House of Cards, In Treatment).

Official synopsis for The Affair:

THE AFFAIR will be told separately from the male and female perspectives – using the distinct memory biases to both misdirect and intrigue. Ruth Wilson plays Alison, a young woman waiting tables at a popular Hamptons diner, trying to piece her life back together in the wake of a tragedy. Her husband Cole (Joshua Jackson), struggles to keep it all together, both with his wife and the financially-strained ranch that has been in his family for generations. Their emotionally-charged marriage becomes even more complicated when Alison begins an affair with Noah (Dominic West), a New York City public school teacher and aspiring novelist who is spending the summer at his in-laws’ estate out on the island. Maura Tierney plays Helen, Noah’s college sweetheart, best friend, mother of his children, lover and wife of 17 years. Award-winning playwright and writer/producer Sarah Treem (House of Cards, In Treatment) wrote the original script from a story created with Hagai Levi. They first worked together on the American adaption of Levi’s show In Treatment. Treem and Levi will both serve as executive producers, along with executive producer and director Jeffrey Reiner (Friday Night Lights) and executive producer Eric Overmyer (The Wire).


The Affair premieres on Showtime October 12.