The Brutal Ending Ridley Scott Originally Wanted for ‘Alien’

Image via 20th Century Fox

Filmmaker Ridley Scott originally wanted a darker, much more tragic ending for his seminal 1979 sci-fi horror pic Alien.

As many may remember, the original film (spoilers?) ended with Sigourney Weaver’s Warrant Officer Ripley blasting that Xenomorph into space. Well, that wasn’t always going to be the case.

In an interview with EW, Scott has revealed how he had originally intended the film to end. The reason he didn’t stick with the plan? He would’ve been fired.

“I thought that the alien should come in, and Ripley harpoons it and it makes no difference, so it slams through her mask and rips her head off.”

Scott said the film would have concluded with the xenomorph impersonating a crew member on the spaceship’s dashboard. “It would mimic Captain Dallas [Skerritt] saying, ‘I’m signing off.'”

When Fox heard about this plan, well… “The first executive from Fox arrived on set within 14 hours, threatening to fire me on the spot. So we didn’t do that [ending].”

While this writer finds it often fitting when a horror film ends… horrifically for the lead characters, that nameless Fox exec had the right idea. The classic ends perfectly, even if you take away the many films that followed.

Speaking of follow-ups, Scott’s Alien: Covenant will arrive in Australia on May 18 and opens in the US on May 19.

Image via 20th Century Fox
Image via 20th Century Fox