‘American Made’ Trailer: Tom Cruise Flies for Escobar and the CIA

Image via Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures has dropped the first trailer for American Made, the upcoming true-story drama-thriller starring Tom Cruise.

The film finds Cruise playing Barry Seal, a real-life American pilot who became a drug smuggler and money launderer for the Medellin Cartel in the 80s and was later recruited by the CIA to take part in a massive covert operation.

It feels like we get a number of these Wolf of Wall Street, War Dogs-style pictures every year, and with so many coming out, they have to be particularly good to stand out from the pack. This trailer’s a little messy, but there are a number of winning factors here that could make this a must watch. The crazy true story is compelling, the supporting cast includes Domhnall Gleeson and Jesse Plemons, this reunites Cruise with Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman, and it’s just good to see Cruise playing an actual character, apart from itty-bitty variations of his running self.

We’ll see what’s in store when American Made, also starring Sarah Wright, Roger Mitchell, Lola Kirke, Alejandro Edda, Benito Martinez, Caleb Landry Jones and Jayma Mays, arrives in Australia on August 24 and hits the US on September 29.

In Universal Pictures’ American Made, Tom Cruise reunites with his Edge of Tomorrow director, Doug Liman, in this international escapade based on the outrageous (and real) exploits of Barry Seal, a hustler and pilot unexpectedly recruited by the CIA to run one of the biggest covert operations in U.S. history.

Image via Universal Pictures