Amy Adams Will Think She’s Turning Into a Dog in This Movie

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Amy Adams has signed up for a film with a bit of an odd plot.

The six-time Oscar nominee will star in an adaptation of an upcoming novel titled Nightbitch, from author Rachel Yoder. Adams will also be among the producers of the film, which Yoder will be adapting for the screen.

It’s certainly an intriguing plot. Adams will be playing a former artist who is thrust into stay-at-home domesticity following the birth of her son. Here’s the kicker: She becomes worried she is turning into a dog. Yep, and that’s not the half of it.

The author’s website had more details on the Nightbitch book, which is described as “a darkly-comic novel about motherhood, rage, and the female self”:

… Her husband, who travels for work five days a week, easily dismisses her fears from hotel rooms. Meanwhile, the mother is forced to contend with the very real physical manifestations of her solitary anxiety, with only her two-year-old son for company.


As her symptoms intensify, she struggles to keep her alter-canine-identity secret. Finally jolted to action after an impulsive and disastrous encounter with the family cat, she seeks a cure for her condition in an herbal multi-level marketing scheme, a group of mommies all inexplicably named Jen, and Wanda White, a mysterious academic specializing in “mythical ethnography.”

Adams’ most recent film was 2018’s Vice, in which she played Lynne Cheney. Her upcoming features include the delayed Joe Wright-directed thriller The Woman in the Window and Ron Howard’s Hillbilly Elegy.

Source: Deadline

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