‘Anchorman 3’ Could Tell of Ron Burgundy and the Internet


If Anchorman 3 is indeed on the horizon, it looks like we won’t be getting it for around ten years.

Adam McKay, director and co-writer of both Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Anchorman: The Legend Continues, has revealed that a third outing with Will Ferrell’s popular San Diego newsman could be tackling the rise of the internet.

“We talked about doing one that was about the rise of the new media,” McKay said in an interview with Yahoo! Movies.

“The only thing is by then Burgundy would be getting pretty old. So maybe it’s a movie we make in 10 years, when Will’s aged up and it actually makes sense that you can set it in 1997 or 98.”

Being a comedy franchise that revels in the wild and silly, it isn’t too much of a stretch for the filmmakers to simply place Burgundy and his buddies in ’97 or ’98, ignoring age. We can’t imagine there’d be too much of an outcry regarding this sort of continuity. Or maybe there would be. Regardless, McKay and co. are taking it into account, so that threequel is quite some time away.

Interestingly, McKay also revealed that they’ve toyed with the idea of putting Burgundy in Iraq of all places.

“I also thought there was something to the idea — and who knows, maybe we will do one some day — I also thought it’d be cool to have Ron Burgundy get embedded in the Iraq War. We kicked around that idea. But we’ve never got that serious about it, but it would have to be the next stage of what the media has become.”