Antboy Trailer

Move over Marvel and DC Comics, there’s a new superhero in town. Meet Antboy, a 12-year-old superhero from Denmark. As his name suggests, young Pelle Nøhrmann is bitten by an ant and develops superpowers. When super villain The Flea begins to cause havoc, it is up to Antboy to save the day. This actually looks great, with a great sense of humour and charming wonder combined. The film, which looks like a sweet rip-off of Spider-Man, is based on the first three books of the Antboy series by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen.

We’ve include the subtitled trailer and terribly dubbed English-language version. We suggest you make an effort and read the subtitles, the dubbing brings the entire trailer down.

Official synopsis and movie poster underneath the trailers. Enjoy!



Official Synopsis:

12-year-old Pelle is bitten by an ant and develops superpowers. Aided by comic book nerd Wilhelm, Pelle creates a secret identity as superhero Antboy. When a super villain The Flea enters the scene, Antboy must step up to the challenge.


Starring Oscar Dietz, Nicolas Bro, Samuel Ting Graf, and Amalie Kruse Jensen.

ETA: Denmark – 3 October, 2013. USA (Limited) – 16 April, 2014.