‘Batman: The Long Halloween’ Trailer: The Dark Knight Has His Hands Full in New DC Animated Film

Warner Bros. Entertainment

Check out the trailer that’s dropped for Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One, the latest Warner Bros. Entertainment animated feature focusing on DC’s Dark Knight.

This one is inspired by the iconic ’96/’97 comic book limited series written by Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Sale. The plot finds Batman forming a pact with Gotham’s only two uncorrupt lawmen – Police Captain James Gorden and District Attorney Harvey Dent, the latter of whom we know becomes Two-Face – to take down the powerful Falcone Crime Family and its head, The Roman. The Caped Crusader certainly has his hands full this Halloween; the city is also being terrorised by a serial killer. Oh, and of course, the Joker is here too.

The voice cast includes Supernatural star Jensen Ackles as Batman/Bruce Wayne; The Last of Us‘ Troy Baker (he voiced Joel in the renowned games) as Joker; Josh Duhamel as Harvey Dent; Bosch star Titus Welliver as Carmine Falcone; The Boys star Jack Quaid as Alberto; David Dastmalchian as Calendar Man; and the late Naya Rivera (Glee) as Catwoman/Selina Kyle.

The pic is directed by Chris Palmer, making his second DC animated film following last year’s Superman: Man of Tomorrow. The script comes from Tim Sheridan, a long-time DC writer whose animated feature credits include Reign of the Superman, The Death and Return of Superman, and Superman: Man of Tomorrow.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One will be released on Digital & Blu-ray on June 22nd, 2021.

Warner Bros. Entertainment

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