Watch: Ben Affleck Talks About His Biggest Movies, Including ‘Justice League’ and ‘Pearl Harbor’

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Take a look at Ben Affleck discussing some of his most pivotal movies and roles, from his role as a bully in School Ties, to sporting the cowl in Batman v Superman, to his acclaimed performance in the newly-released sports drama The Way Back.

The two-time Oscar winner is pretty candid in this new GQ piece. He says that the training for Michael Bay‘s infamous Pearl Harbor made it one of the hardest projects he’s ever worked on and that he expected the film would be something “different, but it ended up being Armageddon in World War II.”

And yes, he talks about his experience playing Batman in BvS and Justice League, and how he felt as though he’d moved past the Caped Crusader when he was offered the solo movie. “I found that I had kind of, at some point, lost my enthusiasm or passion for it. This should really be made by somebody for whom it’s their wildest dream.

Alas, there’s no talk about a number of his big films, such as Gone Girl or The Accountant, but it’s still a great watch for fans and those interested in what he has to say about some of those key titles.

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