Beverly Hills Cop 4 Going Ahead with Murphy and Ratner



It looks like Beverly Hills Cop 4 will be going ahead, with Eddie Murphy closing a deal and Brett Ratner signing on to direct. Deadline has reported that Beverly Hills Cop 4 will be the first project under a new deal between Paramount Pictures and major producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The producer and his Bruckheimer Films have finalised a three-year first-look deal with the studio that will begin in April 2014.

This deal came about after Disney decided not to renew their first-look contract with Bruckheimer. While Bruckheimer brought Disney success with the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, the studio said that they lost around $190 million with The Lone Ranger.

Eddie Murphy has signed on to once again play Axel Foley, except “this time Foley will be returning to his Detroit roots.” So, Detroit Cop then? Brett Ratner is set to jump on to this as soon as he has finished his directing duties on the Dwayne Johnson starring Hercules for MGM.

The screenplay is currently being worked on.

Earlier this year Shawn Ryan, creator of the hit cop show The Shield, tried to get a Beverly Hills Cop television series off the ground. The show was to follow Foley’s son working as a detective while Murphy would be the chief of police, but the pilot didn’t lead to a series.

Deadline has also reported that Bruckheimer and Paramount are eyeing Top Gun 2, a project that stalled after director Tony Scott took his own life.

Source: Deadline