Big Sur Trailer

Check out the trailer for Big Sur, a new drama based on Jack Kerouac’s 1962 novel of the same name. We’re not too familiar with the best-selling novel, but apparently it isn’t an easy book to adapt. The film looks like a well-directed drama that benefits from a strong cast that includes Jean-Marc Barr, Stana Katic, Kate Bosworth and Josh Lucas. Early reviews have been mixed.


“Big Sur,” though autobiographical, tells the story of Jack Duluoz (the Jack Kerouac character, to be played by Barr) and his relationship to fame following his sudden literary success (“On the Road” was released in 1957) and his troubles with substance abuse. Spread across three trips to Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s (called Lorenzo Monsanto in the book) cabin in the wilderness of Big Sur, the story also features Duluoz’s relationship with Billie (Jackie Gibson Mercer in real life and Bosworth in the film), the mistress of his best friend, Cody Pomeray (Neal Cassady, to be played by Lucas).

kerouac_big-surThe novel.

Directed and adapted by Michael Polish (Northfork, The Astronaut Farmer).

ETA: USA – 1 November, 2013.