‘BIRDEATER’ Directors Interview | Jack Clark & Jim Weir Talk About Their Aussie Thriller


We had the pleasure of chatting with Jack Clark and Jim Weir, the rising Australian filmmakers making their debut with the dramatic-thriller Birdeater. You can dive into our insightful conversation with them above!

Birdeater, offering a tense examination of gender identity and gender politics, revolves around a nervous bride-to-be, played by Shabana Azeez, who finds herself unexpectedly invited to her fiancé’s (Mackenzie Fearnley) bucks party. When unsettling revelations about their relationship come to light, the night takes a feral turn.

Following its sold-out screenings at prestigious festivals such as SXSW Austin, Melbourne International Film Festival, and Cinefest Oz, Birdeater has been garnering wide acclaim, including an Audience Award for Best Australian Narrative Feature at the Sydney Film Festival.

We talk to Clark and Weir about their experience tackling their first feature film, working with the cast to develop the layered characters, the risky moments they had on set working with a smaller budget, and more.

Birdeater is releasing in select Australian cinemas from July 18. Take a look at the trailer below…

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