Bizarre Trailer for Takashi Miike’s Yakuza Apocalypse


Takashi Miike is certainly a prolific director. The Japanese filmmaker has 98 director credits on IMDB, knocking out around two features a years since 1997. He’s made all kinds of films, from quirky children’s films to samurai dramas, but it may be his more disturbing and odd ones (Visitor Q, Ichi the Killer, Gozu, Audition) that have earned him his fans.

Yakuza Apocalypse looks like another Miike oddity, a bizarre, silly and strangely entertaining piece. Well, maybe. It’s hard to tell what’s going on in this Japanese trailer.

Here’s the film’s synopsis:

Akira (Hayato Ichihara) admires Genyo Kamiura who is the most powerful yakuza. Genyo Kamiura has been targeted numerous times, but has never died. He is called the invincible person.

Because of Genyo Kamiura, Akira enters the world of the yakuza. His yakuza colleagues treats him like an idiot, Akira can’t even get tattoos because of his sensitive skin. Akira becomes disappointed in the yakuza world, because it’s not like what he saw in the movies. Especially, in terms of loyalty and charity depicted of the yakuza.

An assassin is then sent to take out Genyo Kamiura. The killers know that Genyo Kamiura is a vampire.

Yeah, I guess now the only thing left to do is to watch this…