‘Bokeh’ Trailer: Indie Sci-Fi Pic Has the Last Couple on Earth

Image via Screen Media Films

The first official trailer has been released for Bokeh, an upcoming sci-fi drama starring Maika Monroe and Matt O’Leary.

The film follows a young couple on a romantic vacation in Iceland. It all seems to be going well, until they wake up one morning to discover that every person on earth has disappeared.

It’s an enticing little concept, and one that appears to be looked at from a more human, relationship-focused angle, as opposed to the more sci-fi route the plot could’ve tackled. That being said, the film could head in a variety of different directions. We’re intrigued to find out what this indie has to offer.

Bokeh will begin a limited theatrical run in the US on March 24.

Synopsis for Bokeh:

When a flash of light shoots across the sky on their romantic, Iceland vacation, Jenai (Maika Monroe) and Riley (Matt O’Leary) wake up to discover every person on earth has disappeared. Their struggle to survive and to reconcile the mysterious event lead them to reconsider everything they know about themselves and the world.

Image via Screen Media Films
Image via Screen Media Films