Brad Pitt, Christian Bale & Ryan Gosling to Star in Financial Thriller

brad pitt - christian bale - ryan gosling

Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling in one film? Hell yes.

The three actors are to star in The Big Short, an adaptation of Michael Lewis’ (The Blind Side) next novel.

Variety broke the news, reporting that Adam McKay (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Step Brothers, The Other Guys) is attached to write and direct for Paramount and Pitt’s Plan B.

Lewis’ non-fiction novel tells of the housing and credit bubble that led to the financial crisis of 2007-10. The film will apparently follow “several key people” who had a hand in the overall disaster.

The film is likened to Traffic and The Counselor, other films that featured several big names to tell a sprawling story.

This ambitious project could be a game-changer for McKay, who has proven himself a success in the comedy genre.