‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Sequel Heading to Netflix & AMC


Looks like we’ll be finding out what happened to Jesse Pinkman.

Word broke back in November 2018 that a potential Breaking Bad movie was to heading into production, although there was little info to go on apart from it being a standalone chapter in the BB franchise. More info has come to light.

Breaking Bad creator and executive producer is writing and directing a sequel film that will be following Aaron Paul’s character, who had quite the dramatic journey as the ambitious drug dealer, turned meth cook, turned drug addict. The still-untitled project is being filmed as a feature film, but there does remain a possibility that it could end up being released as a mini-series.

As per Deadline, the film will be heading to both Netflix and AMC, the former the service that helped gather it attention and thus extended its run, and the latter the network that produced it and aired it all the way through. While distribution details are being kept firmly under wraps, word is that Netflix could be the primary release platform and AMC to be the second.

The production’s code name was reportedly Greenbriar and the logline, as The Albuquerque Journal reported last year, was as follows:

“Greenbrier” tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.

There’s speculation that Pinkman is the kidnapped man.



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