‘Breaking In’ Trailer: Gabrielle Union Fights Off a Home Invasion

Image credit: Universal Pictures

Take a look at the trailer for Breaking In, an upcoming thriller led by Gabrielle Union.

The film sees Union playing mother of two Shaun Russell, who finds herself in quite the predicament when men take over the fortress of a house and hold her children hostage inside. There’s something they want, and they’ll do anything to get it. What they don’t count on is that, as the film’s gleefully cringey tagline states, “payback is a mother.”

Director James McTeigue hasn’t come close to the class of his first feature V for Vendetta, which arguably had a lot do with the Wachowskis. The efforts that followed – Ninja Assassin, The Raven, Survivor – have been mediocre at best. Could this one put him back on track? You never know. While it’s a ‘been there, done that’ narrative, it does look like it could offer some fun moments, and Union appears to be putting in her all. We’ll see.

Writer Ryan Engle, known for Non-Stop and the upcoming Dwayne Johnson vehicle Rampage, has penned the script.

Breaking In, also starring Billy Burke, Richard Cabral, Seth Carr and Ajiona Alexus, will open in the U.S. on… May 11, Mother’s Day.

Official rundown for Breaking In:

Next Mother’s Day, Gabrielle Union stars as a woman who will stop at nothing to rescue her two children being held hostage in a house designed with impenetrable security. No trap, no trick and especially no man inside can match a mother with a mission when she is determined on Breaking In.

Producers Will Packer (No Good Deed, Obsessed) and Union (Almost Christmas, Being Mary Jane) reunite for this original thriller directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta, Sense8). Written by Ryan Engle (Non-Stop), Breaking In co-stars Billy Burke (Twilight series), Richard Cabral (End of Watch), Seth Carr (Black Panther) and Ajiona Alexus (Empire).

Joining Union and Packer as fellow producers are Will Packer Productions’ James Lopez (Girls Trip, Think Like a Man), and Practical Pictures’ Craig Perry and Sheila Taylor (American Pie and Final Destination series). Jaime Primak Sullivan, whose story the screenplay is based upon, serves as an executive producer alongside Valerie Bleth Sharp and Jeff Morrone.

Image credit: Paul Sarkis / Universal Pictures
Image credit: Paul Sarkis / Universal Pictures