First ‘Child’s Play’ Trailer: Chucky, Make Way for Buddi

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Take a look at the first trailer to arrive for Child’s Play. Yep, it’s a new Chucky movie.

It’s more of a teaser, but it does still offer up a decent taste of what’s to come in the horror franchise’s latest entry. Chucky’s back… although he may be going by a different name now: Buddi. Unless the Chucky we know is still around and will also be here? Hard to say for now, but what we do know is that the plot will follow a kid (Andy Barclay) who is given a high-tech doll by his mother (Aubrey Plaza). No prizes for guessing that things don’t go well for many.

It looks like bloody fun. The franchise went pretty hard into the comedic side of things as it went on, so it’ll be interesting to see just what tone they go for here. Updating the doll to be a little more in line with today’s tech-oriented products is a good idea, and perhaps that means that Buddi will have a few more abilities than to just stab away. It would have been good to get a clearer look at Buddi, considering half his face is already plastered across one of the posters (below). Still, just the first trailer.

Directed by Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) and written by Tyler Burton Smith (known for writing credits on video games Sleeping Dogs and Quantum Break).

Child’s Play, also starring Brian Tyree Henry and Tim Matheson, will be arriving in Australia on June 20 and hitting US cinemas on June 21 (amusingly, the same day Toy Story 4 opens there).

Also check out a faux ad from the company behind Buddi, Kaslan Corp:

Orion Pictures
Orion Pictures


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