‘Criminal Minds’ Ending with Season 15


Criminal Minds will be wrapping up as one of the longest running television dramas in history.

The crime drama series will be receiving its farewell chapter with season 15, which is to be filmed following production of this season’s final episode. When the series comes to a close at the end of its 15th season, it will have delivered a whopping 325 episodes, putting it among the 20 television shows with the most episodes. 15 seasons puts it up there with the likes of ER and CSI.

Created by Jeff Davis, Criminal Minds follows the elite team of profilers in the F.B.I. Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) as they analyse killers and crime in an effort to stop criminals before they strike again.

“It is the quintessential CBS hit. We are so proud to have aired it,” Deadline quotes Amy Reisenbach, CBS’ EVP current programs, as saying. “It speaks to everything we do best, which is air quality television. It’s been successful not only on air but online, in syndication, internationally for ABC (Studios).”

The final season will hold a short run of 10 episodes, which Reisenbach said “felt like the right number for us to roll straight into and give Erica [Messer, showrunner] enough episodes to end the series the way she wanted to.”

As for what we can expect in the final chapter, Deadline reports that the 15th season…

“… will be more serialized than the procedural drama is known for, including a two-part season opener, and will feature a major confession and a BAU member in jeopardy.

The biggest through-line of the final 10 will revolve around “a very worthy adversary for the team, especially for David Rossi,” Messer said of the “unsub”, who will be introduced later this season. “Will be up against another formidable villain and will be concluding the 10 episodes with a showdown with that person,” she added.

Since it’s the final season, there will likely be memorable bad guys from the past 14 seasons making an appearance. “We have one in the works right now who’s a very memorable villain, but I don’t want to say too much if it doesn’t work out with casting,” Messer teased.”




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