‘Deadpool 2’: ‘John Wick’ Helmer David Leitch Frontrunner to Direct

Image via Twentieth Century Fox
Image via Twentieth Century Fox

20th Century Fox may have settled on who they want to direct Deadpool 2.

The search has been on for a new director following Tim Miller’s exit, and it looks like it didn’t take long. Mashable is reporting that David Leitch, the stunt and action coordinator that made his directorial debut co-directing John Wick, is the frontrunner to direct the sequel.

Word is that while there does not seem to be an official offer on the table, it’s looking very likely that the studio will settle and sign him up. That being said, the report also states that “several other directors remain in the mix.”

Leitch has a number of factors working in his favour, a key one being that he belongs to Hollywood-based talent agency WME, which also has actor Ryan Reynolds on the team. Leitch has also worked with both Reynolds and 20th Century Fox before; he was the action coordinator on X-Men Origins: Wolverine and put in stunt work in 2003’s Daredevil movie. On top of all that, his work with John Wick suggests he could be just right for Deadpool‘s stylings.

Leitch is currently in post-production on his first feature film as a solo director, The Coldest City, starring Charlize Theron and James McAvoy. That one’s scheduled for US release on 11 August 2017.

Deadpool 2 suffered its setback when Miller stepped away due to creative differences with Reynolds. A recent report suggested that Miller was looking at tackling a sequel with three times the budget of the first film, which conflicted with what Reynolds and writers Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick had in mind. More on that HERE.