Mothers Beware: Deadpool Wishes a Happy Mother’s Day


“A motherf**ker since 1991,” reads the mother’s day message released by Deadpool.

In what could be considered an offensive and low-brow move by many, Ryan Reynolds has hit Twitter with a mother’s day greeting from the voice of Deadpool, the Marvel character set to receive his first solo film early next year.


When word of a Deadpool film first hit, fans were highly worried as to whether or not 20th Century Fox would have the guts to stick with the decidedly non-PC tone embraced by the former Special Forces operative turned mercenary. A bit of R-rated test footage went viral; Fox knew they were on the right track.

If this is a taste, and lack thereof, of what we’re to expect in the marketing leading up to the film’s release, we’re pretty damn excited.

Deadpool, directed by Scott Pilgrim vs. the World creative supervisor Tim Miller, hits the U.S on February 12, 2016.