Doctor Who Down Under

New Doctor Peter Capaldi and companion Jenna Coleman touched down on Australian soil during the week as part of a Doctor Who promotional tour juggernaut. Their arrival marked 12 days until the highly-anticipated Australian release of the eighth season, in which Capaldi will be debuting.

SMH revealed that the 56 year old Scottish actor (the oldest actor to play the famous Time Lord) was “nervous” about the new series and consulted previous regenerations Matt Smith and fellow Scott David Tennant about handling the exposure and anticipation of being the face of such a famous show.

In Sydney, Capaldi explained, “There is a new level of visibility you have as a human being which is slightly unnatural, so you have to consider whether or not you’re able to deal with it. That I don’t know because we’ve only just started.”

Best known to date as foul-mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in BBC comedy The Thick of It, Capaldi is expected to bring a fiercer, darker side to The Doctor, but of course there will be the usual smattering of comedy too.

Jenna Coleman, originally from British soap Emmerdale, but who now plays companion Clara Oswald (and did so in Series 7 with Smith), says of her new co-star: “I’ve seen what he’s been doing and what he’s done with the Doctor and the show. The tone and pace is very different. It’s still very much Doctor Who, but it’s new… I feel really excited for everybody else to see what I’ve been seeing with Peter for the last few months.”

The feature-length premiere episode of Doctor Who (Series 8), Deep Breath, will hit Australian screens on ABC1 on Sunday, August the 24th at 7.40pm. Set your alarms!