Early Look at Locke

Reported by Douglas Whyte.


Tom Hardy has undeniable presence on screen. He gifted Inception with his cool charm and filled every moment in Bronson with menace. However, perhaps we all know him best for his brutish portrayal of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. He’s an adaptable actor who can communicate simply through physicality and gesture. 85 minutes of Hardy on screen alone is enough reason to see his upcoming feature Locke, which recently premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

The film focuses on Ivan Locke, manager of a construction site in Birmingham, en-route to London on the eve of the biggest moment in his working life. Through a series of personal and professional phone calls he makes while driving, Locke’s situation is incrementally revealed. The events that unravel results in a thrilling interrogation into Locke’s family, job, and psyche.

With Steven Knight at the helm (writer of Dirty Pretty Things, Eastern Promises and the recent Closed Circuit), Locke will undoubtedly be a tightly scripted, thoughtfully shot film. According to Deadline, Knight said he “wondered if there was a story you could weave of one man’s journey as he drove down a motorway. I was trying to bring a huge emotion down into a tiny space.” Early reviews suggest this is the film’s greatest strength.

No release date has been announced.

– D.W.