Edward Norton Producing Bizarre Hippopotamus Story


edward norton hippo

Edward Norton and Brett Ratner have recently acquired the rights to the article American Hippopotamus. The upcoming feature film will be based on an intriguing true story.

Digital imprint The Atavist published American Hippopotamus, detailing the events of a meat shortage in the United States in 1910. During this time, nemeses Frederick Russell Burnham and Fritz Duquesne teamed up to try and import hippopotamuses as a new delicacy. Theodore Roosevelt and The New York Times both supported the plan of bringing the animals to the swamps of Louisiana and putting them on the menu. This seemingly ludicrous idea will be the context of the film. However, the backbone of the narrative will be the rivalry between the two men involved. Burnham was a frontiersman and freelance adventurer, while Duquesne was an expert con-man. The pair both doubled as spies. Earlier, they had both been ordered to assassinate each other, yet the two bitter enemies teamed up for this hippopotamus scheme.

Deadline reports that Ratner and James Packer’s RatPac Entertainment will be producing the movie, alongside Edward Norton and William Migliore for Class 5. The two companies have teamed up in the past on the 2002 Edward Norton-starring film Red Dragon.

James Packer and John Cheng will be representing RatPac Entertainment. Class 5’s Stuart Blumberg and The Atavist’s Evan Ratliff will also be overseeing the project. Ratpac and Class 5 will again team up in the future for the production of Motherless Brooklyn, directed by and starring Edward Norton.

– L.D.