Elizabeth Banks Cast as Villain in ‘Power Rangers’ Movie

elizabeth banks

Elizabeth Banks better start practicing that evil laugh.

The actress has just been cast in the upcoming Power Rangers, an adaptation of the hugely popular television show from the 90s. THR is reporting that Banks will be playing Rita Repulsa, the principal nemesis of our group of young superheroes.

The Power Rangers TV show depicted Repulsa as a humanoid alien determined to take over the galaxy. After being defeated by Zorgon of Elter during an attempt to invade Earth, the evil sorceress was imprisoned in a space dumpster, which ended up on the moon. She got free, gathered up her minions and took back her headquarters, leading to another attempt to defeat Zordon, take Earth and occupy the planet for Lord Zedd. Her powers consist of mind control, teleportation, and the ability to make her monsters and minions grow to enormous sizes with the use of a magical staff.

Lionsgate and Saban have teamed up for this big-screen live-action outing, which will see Project Almanac director Dean Israelite at the helm and The Last Witch Hunter writers Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama on script duties. Shapless and Sazama have also penned upcoming fantasy film Gods of Egypt.

You can check out the cast filling in the roles of the Power Rangers right HERE.

Banks, who last year made her feature directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2, is said to next be directing a feature reboot of Charlie’s Angels.