‘Elle’ Trailer: Isabelle Huppert is Attacked in New Paul Verhoeven Film

elle - paul verhoeven - isabelle huppert

Paul Verhoeven is back with Elle, an upcoming dramatic-thriller starring Isabelle Huppert as a women who changes drastically after she is attacked in her home by an unknown assailant.

The first French-language film from director Verhoeven, whose credits include RoboCop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct and Starship Troopers, looks to be a gritty little character study with the filmmaker’s signature balance of nudity, sex, and violence. It’s been a while since Black Book, Verhoeven’s impressive 2006 war drama, but this could certainly see him back in strong form. We’ll see.

Although the trailer isn’t NSFW per se, take note that there are a few shots of nudity.

Elle, also starring Virginie Efira and Christian Berkel, opens in France on September 21. Expect other release dates to be announced soon.

Synopsis for Elle:

Michèle seems indestructible. Head of a successful video game company, she brings the same ruthless attitude to her love life as to business. Being attacked in her home by an unknown assailant changes Michèle’s life forever. When she resolutely tracks the man down, they are both drawn into a curious and thrilling game-a game that may, at any moment, spiral out of control.

elle - paul verhoeven - poster