Potential ‘Enemy of the State’ TV Series Sequel In the Works

Image via Touchstone Pictures
Image via Touchstone Pictures

There’s no slowing down when it comes to the amount of television projects being spawned from movies.

The 1998 Tony Scott-directed film Enemy of the State could soon have a television follow-up, with US television network ABC locking in a put pilot commitment.

A put pilot, for those unaware, is a pilot the network has agreed to air either as a special or series. If the network does not air the pilot episode, the network will owe substantial monetary penalties to the studio.

The original film saw Will Smith playing a lawyer who becomes a target by a corrupt politician and his NSA goons when he accidentally receives key evidence to a serious politically motivated crime. Gene Hackman co-starred.

The potential sequel series comes from ABC Studios and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who also produced the feature film. According to Deadline:

Written by ‘Blackhat’ scribe Morgan Davis Foehl, the drama is set two decades after the original film, when an elusive NSA spy is charged with leaking classified intelligence, an idealistic female attorney must partner with a hawkish FBI agent to stop a global conspiracy that threatens to expose dark secrets, and personal mysteries connect all three of their lives.

We’ll keep you informed.

Here’s the trailer for the original film: