‘Enter the Fat Dragon’ Trailer: Donnie Yen Kicks Ass… but in a Fat Suit!

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Check out the U.S. trailer that’s arrived for action-comedy Enter the Fat Dragon, a remake of a 1978 Hong Kong film of the same name that starred Sammo Kam-Bo Hung.

Donnie Yen plays a once super-fit cop who’s now put on the pounds. When an old colleague comes asking for help, he’s soon on a mission to solve a murder – and possibly get both his job and fiancée back as well.

Can you imagine if this film – with that title – was coming from the U.S. with, say, Ryan Gosling in the lead role? Cancel parties galore would probably be going down. Anyway, Asian cinema is still accepting of this kind of comedy, and with superstar Yen no less. It looks fun, with plenty of action and stunt-work shown off in the trailer. It remains to be seen if there’s even a point to the “fat dragon” of it all, though, since the physical prowess of Yen’s character doesn’t seem affected by his weight at all.

Enter the Fat Dragon, also starring Teresa Mo, Niki Chow and Wong Jing, hits U.S. Digital, Blu-ray and DVD on July 14.

Official synopsis for Enter the Fat Dragon:

Enter the Fat Dragon is a hilarious chronicle of the events that transformed super-fit super-cop Fallon Zhu (martial arts phenom Donnie Yen) into a glorified records clerk with a major snack cake habit. After a desperate request from an old colleague, Zhu teams up with a wily, wok-wielding restaurateur to solve a mysterious murder—and take his one last shot at regaining both his job and his fiancée.

Well Go USA Entertainment


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