Comic-Con: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Trailer & Cast Tease Season 3’s Second Half

Image credit: AMC

Fear the Walking Dead’s appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con provided a lot for fans to get excited about, including a panel, various interviews and a new trailer.

The panel featured stars Kim Dickens, Colman Domingo, Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Sam Underwood, Daniel Sharman, Dayton Callie, Mercedes Mason, Michael Greyeyes and co-creator Dave Erickson.

Every year the cast seems to have more energy and are more excited and proud of their work. They should be proud, since season 3 is by far the best yet. It’s very much separated itself from The Walking Dead, and is confidently moving ahead in its own unique direction. Erickson teased all throughout Comic-Con that the rest of the season is only going to be “deeper and darker”.

While the cast – in true Walking Dead style – didn’t reveal too much about the rest of season 3, there were still a few intriguing bits and pieces to pick up. The ranch residents and Walker’s people are now going to be living on the same land, and it’s clear neither trusts the other. According to the trailer, there also seems to be a struggle for water, and new locations are also shown. It seems that Alicia is going to continue to step up in a leadership role, as evidenced by the many shots with Madison is away from the ranch.

Here’s the Comic-Con trailer for season 3’s second half:

On the panel, Dickens, Dillane and Debnam-Carey made it clear that the Clarks were going to be divided moving forward. Debnam-Carey feels betrayed that they covered up the Trimbol murders to protect Troy. Meanwhile, Erickson says that Nick is not used to this new violence, especially after finding out that his mother murdered her own father. Madison will do her best to keep the family together, but Dickens is also curious to learn more about her past.

When it comes to the Ottos, Sam Underwood feels like Jake’s relationship with Alicia is not serious. They’re using each other purely for the human connection, and Jake really wants to prop Alicia up to be a leader. Debnam-Carey stressed that she doesn’t want fans to think it’s as simple as a ‘young girl and a young boy being paired together’ situation. Alicia has a lot of her mother in her, and she has the ability to manipulate where necessary. When it comes to Madison and Troy, they’re in a big of a “grey area”. Daniel Sharman thinks that Troy is well aware of the game Madison is playing with him, and he enjoys it. Their relationship remains ambiguous, and that’s what both actors like about it.

With Ofelia, Mercedes Mason says that her allegiance is currently lying with Walker. She is going to align herself with the toughest person, and Walker clearly now has the upper hand over the Ottos. Still, Ofelia has some ties with the Clarks, so she may be in a good position to bridge the gap between them. Mason also states that she’s excited for a reunion with her Daniel, seeing as she is now very much her father’s daughter and is more than capable of being ruthless.

While they were fairly tight-lipped on the show’s plot moving forward, we already know that Fear has a fourth season coming, and we should be expecting the third chapter to continue at full throttle towards the finale.

Check out the FTWD panel at this year’s Comic-Con: