Hardy, Oldman and Rapace In Espinosa’s ‘Child 44’


child 44 cast

Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Noomi Rapace are set to star in Child 44, the new film from director Daniel Espinosa (Safe House). Richard Price (The Color of Money, Ransom) has written the adaptation of Tom Rob Smith’s novel.

Set in Stalin-era Soviet Union, Child 44 tells the story of a Soviet military policeman (Tom Hardy) who finds himself being investigated by the government and the head of the police force (Gary Oldman) as he tries to find the person responsible for a series of child murders. Noomi Rapace will play Hardy’s wife.

This definitely sounds promising. Three great actors in a movie that will (hopefully) give them plenty to work with. Having Ridley Scott on board as a producer can’t be a bad thing either.

Source: Collider