Here’s How to Stop Netflix Autoplay in 3 Easy Steps

If you already knew about this feature, well, good on you. If you didn’t, we got your back!

Sick of having Netflix autoplay the next episode or start playing the trailer – or worse, the freakin’ movie itself – when you’re just wanting to read the description? Thankfully, Netflix has a setting to stop that from happening.

STEP 1: Sign into your Netflix account on a PC or using your device’s web browser. This allows you to head to your account settings on the right-hand side.

STEP 2: Choose which PROFILE & PARENTAL CONTROLS you would like to edit. Enter the PLAYBACK SETTINGS.

STEP 3: Remove the ticks from both or either AUTO PLAY CONTROLS: “Auto-play next episode…” / “Auto-play previews…” Then click save. DONE!

NOTE: There are sometimes delays when it comes to the new settings taking effect. If that happens, try logging out and back in, or switching profiles and returning back to the desired profile.

Happy uninterrupted scrolling!!