‘I Am Heath Ledger’ Trailer: Doco Places Spotlight on Late Australian Actor

Image via Spike TV

The first trailer has been released for I Am Heath Ledger, an upcoming documentary that focuses on the talented late Australian actor.

The loss of the Perth-born actor was felt around the world. Ledger’s career was going from strength to strength, with acclaimed performances in Brokeback Mountain and Candy shedding more light on his jaw-dropping range. And of course there was his buzzed-about turn as The Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, released months after Ledger’s tragic passing and earning the late actor a posthumous Best Supporting Actor Oscar win.

The new Spike TV doco I Am Heath Ledger looks to celebrate the life of the actor, the born director and fearless artist. The documentary features plenty of footage from Ledger’s homemade videos, as well as sit-downs with Ledger’s friends, family and big-name colleagues including Naomi Watts, Ang Lee, Ben Mendelsohn and Ben Harper.

Directed by Derik Murray, who’s had plenty of experience documenting famous individuals, with a list of credits that include I Am Evel Knievel, I Am JFK Jr., I Am Chris Farley and Johnny Cash: American Rebel.

I Am Heath Ledger will be premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 23, starts a limited US theatrical release on May 3 and airs on Spike TV on May 17.

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