Writer Chosen for ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ Remake

Image credit: Allied Artists Pictures

Jack Finney’s 1954 sci-fi novel The Body Snatchers is set to receive its fifth feature adaptation.

Warner Bros. and producer John Davis (Predator, I, Robot, Chronicle) are moving ahead with a new remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the 1956 adaptation from director Don Siegel (Dirty Harry).

Deadline broke the news, reporting that screenwriter David Leslie Johnson, whose credits include The Conjuring 2 and Orphan, has been hired to pen the script. Johnson is also behind the script for The Conjuring 3 and is attached to WB’s new big-screen take of Dungeons & Dragons.

The story tells of an alien invasion that rocks a small U.S. town. Alien plant seeds, which have drifted to Earth from space, eventually replace sleeping people with perfect physical duplicates grown from plantlike pods. The victims turn to dust.

A well-received Donald Sutherland-starring remake was released in 1978, a military base-set redo Body Snatchers came in ’93, and Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig starred in an ill-received 2007 remake titled The Invasion.

Check out the trailer for the 1956 original: