‘Ip Man 4’ Trailer: Donnie Yen Fights Scott Adkins in His Final Film in the Franchise

Mandarin Motion Pictures

Donnie Yen will be closing out his journey in this franchise with the upcoming Ip Man 4: The Finale.

Reprising his role as the titular Kunf Fu master, the film finds Yen’s Ip Man in the US in an effort to find a school for his son. Unfortunately, he soon finds racial discrimination and is drawn into the conflict between and Chinese and Western martial artists. Ass kicking must ensue.

Renowned screen badass and fellow martial artist Scott Adkins also stars in this one, and it looks like the two will have quite the showdown. With standout melees and sleeve-wearing patriotism and emotion, the Ip Man franchise is a beloved series for many and it’s been a hit in its homeland China. Fingers crossed for Yen’s finale in the franchise – which doesn’t mean the series won’t have further spinoffs, such as Master Z: Ip Man Legacy.

Ip Man 4: The Finale, with Ip Man movies director Wilson Yip back at the helm and with Kwok-Kwan Chan back as Bruce Lee (check out that one-punch move), is scheduled for US release on Christmas Day.

Kung Fu master Ip Man, comes to America to find a school for his son but soon realizes life abroad and racial discrimination is far worse than expected. Under the conflicts between Chinese and Western martial artists, he decides to re-examine his position for the dignity of Chinese culture.

Mandarin Motion Pictures
Mandarin Motion Pictures


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