‘It’ Director Andy Muschietti Eyeing New Scenes for Epic Supercut of Both Movies in One

New Line Cinema

The It films have been huge, huge hits. The first film topped $US700 million at the box office and became the highest-grossing horror film of all time (unadjusted figures). It: Chapter Two, currently in cinemas, has almost hit $US200 million in just around a week of release. So, how can this thing be juiced for more?

How about a new cut, combining both films into one big It movie? That’s what It 1 & 2 director Andy Muschietti is currently discussing with New Line Cinema.

“We’re in talks with the studio to make a supercut, which is basically the two movies edited together with all the material that is not in the released versions,” Muschietti has told ET, confirming that they’re looking at including scenes that were left on the cutting room floor during the edit.

Not only that, it appears that Muschietti may not be done with filming quite yet. “And yeah, there are a couple of scenes that I want to shoot to make this a new experience,” he added.

As for what the scenes will contain, Muschietti is keeping tight lipped. But he does offer one bit of info: “One thing is from the novel and the other thing is not. I want to be a little cryptic about it.”

This supercut will be long. Like, really long. The first film runs 2 hours and 15 minutes and the second film runs 2 hours and 49 minutes, but this is going to be even longer than both combined, with an extended cut that Muschietti says will be clocking in at “around” six and a half hours.

“People can choose how to see it, all in one or, you know, making little pauses,” the filmmaker said. “Or bingeing! Maybe it’s divided in episodes. People now, they binge a series for 10 hours of viewing, so it wouldn’t surprise me.”

So, what do you reckon? Keen for a six-and-a-half hour It?

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