New It Follows Trailer Impresses


A new It Follows trailer has been released by Icon Film, and it has us pretty excited for the film’s upcoming release.

The story is simple: A young girl begins to experience some freaky supernatural activity after she is given a curse through intercourse. How can she get rid of it? By having sex with someone else of course.

The reviews have been pretty damn impressive so far, describing the film as a downright creepy and unsettling horror film. Maika Monroe’s performance looks great, as does David Robert Mitchell’s direction. We’re seriously excited for this one.

Official synopsis of It Follows:

As 19-year-old Jay’s summer—spent hanging with friends, lounging in a backyard pool—nears an end, her unperturbed suburban existence is about to be horrifyingly upended. After sleeping with a new boyfriend, she’s suddenly pursued, slowly but persistently, by a malevolent supernatural presence that takes the form of different people. Hoping to buy time and devise a plan, Jay and her friends escape to a beach house. But it’s coming.

ETA: UK – 27 February, 2015. USA – 27 March, 2015.