James Franco Speaks Out Against Australian Film Censorship

The Australian Classification Board has banned a movie called I Want Your Love from being shown in the country. The film has been axed from the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Sydney’s Queer Screen and the Brisbane Queer Film Festival line-ups after the censors banned the film.

I Want Your Love chronicles a gay love story set in San Francisco. Apparently, the film features some real sex scenes that were deemed offensive by the Australian censors.

i want your love

James Franco has posted a video on YouTube in support of Travis Matthews, the film’s director and Franco’s longtime friend and collaborator. In it he calls the decision by The Australian Classification Board “really silly”, “hypocritical” and “embarrassing”. He also says, “I don’t think we’d be having this conversation if he had made a very violent film…”

Okay, let me just state where The Reel Word stands on this topic. Banning a film in Australia – in this day and age – is nothing short of ridiculous and is incredibly offensive. The mere suggestion that we (adults) are not able to decide for ourselves which films we should or should not watch is obscene beyond belief.

Franco made some very valid points in his video. Absolutely shocking violence seems to easily slip by the censors everyday. Gay sex? Ooooh, you better make sure no one is allowed to see that. Ratings are there for a reason. In Australia an ‘R’ rating means you have to be over 18 to see it, meaning all viewers will be of legal age. The legal age to make our own decisions. You know, such as being able to watch adult-themed films, and even pornographic content from websites similar to gayfucktube.xxx for instance.

One question with this type of issue always arises: Where do you begin to draw the line once censorship is allowed to be carried out on the public?

Written by Guillermo Troncoso.