Joaquin Phoenix to Star in Next Woody Allen Film

joaquin phoenix woody allen

Joaquin Phoenix is set to star in the next film directed by Woody Allen. Deadline states that Phoenix has finalised a deal that will see him starring in the yet-untitled film, which is expected to start shooting as early as this July. There aren’t any further details known about the film at this time.

Allen just can’t seem to slow down. The prolific filmmaker has made at least one film per year for what seems like forever, with 1981 marking the last year that Allen went without directing.

He recently completed production on Magic in the Moonlight, which tells the story of “an Englishman brought in to help unmask a possible swindle in the south of France in the 1920s against a backdrop of wealthy mansions, the Côte d’Azur, jazz joints and fashionable spots for the wealthy of the Jazz Age.” Emma Stone, Colin Firth and Marcia Gay Harden star in that one.

It’ll be interesting to see how Phoenix fares in an Allen picture, considering how well he did with the “quirkier” elements in Spike Jonze’s Her. Allen’s pictures have been known to be excellent vehicles for actors, with his last picture Blue Jasmine earning Cate Blanchett a Best Actress Oscar.