Russo Brothers Taking ‘The Warriors’ to Television

the warriors

Joe and Anthony Russo, the directing siblings that brought us Marvel standouts Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, are set to tackle a reimagining of a 1979 cult classic.

The Russos will be adapting The Warriors, bringing to life a one-hour drama alongside Paramount TV and Hulu. Deadline broke the news, reporting that the new version “will honor the original film while adding its own unique brand of grit, pulp, sex and violence.”

The series will be penned by the Russos and Frank Baldwin, the latter of which has also penned The Godmother, an in-the-works crime-drama starring Catherine Zeta-Jones as former drug lord Griselda Blanco. The Russos are also attached to direct the pilot episode.

1979’s The Warriors envisioned New York City as a war-torn landscape. The plot told of the titular gang, which is falsely blamed for the murder of a charismatic leader. Over the course of one long night, the gang must make it back home while every gang in the city attempts to take them down. There’s no word on what, if any, plot changes the adaptation will bring to the table.

The Russos are understandably in high demand these days. Apart from directing two successful Cap outings for Marvel, the directors are scheduled to direct both Avengers: Infinity War Parts I and II, and are reportedly attached to high-profile projects such as a remake of The Thomas Crown Affair (with Michael B. Jordan set to star), Fox’s Space Runners and STX’s 17 Bridges. The directors are also known for their pre-Marvel TV work, which includes Arrested Development and Community.

Here’s the original trailer for The Warriors to rejig that memory: