Ken Jeong Joins Ride Along 2


Ken Jeong, best known for playing Señor Chang in TV’s Community and Mr. Chow in The Hangover franchise, is set to join Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in Ride Along 2.

THR is reporting that Jeong is to play a role “similar to Joe Pesci’s scene-stealing third wheel in 1980s classic Lethal Weapon 2.” He’ll be starring as a cocky computer hacker who considers himself a ladies man, and who’ll be playing a key part in helping solve the crime that Hart and Cube are working on.

Director Tim Story (Barbershop, Fantastic Four) is back at the helm for the sequel, which sees writers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi returning as well. Apart from Jeong, other new cast members include Olivia Munn and Benjamin Bratt.

Universal is moving very quickly to get Ride Along 2 up and running, especially since the first film was such a surprise hit. Ride Along earned over $153 million in worldwide box-office receipts, dwarfing its budget of just $25 million.

Jeong has proven to be quite successful with bit roles, and he should be a welcome addition to this sequel. He’ll next be seen in the dramedy Ktown Cowboys and the comedy The DUFF.