‘KILL’ – 1 Minute Movie Review | India Delivers a Gore-Filled Ride!


Indian Hindi-language film Kill is a no-holds-barred, ultra-bloody actioner that may be up there among the most violent action films that I’ve ever seen. If that’s what you’re keen for, jump on this train!

It’s straightforward stuff: carnage, carnage, carnage. Gorehounds will certainly be happy with the amount of blood-letting here – and there are some undeniably creative, downright brutal deaths that save the kills from being too repetitive. And the close-proximity quarters that a train provides are creatively used.

I did, however, find the rhythm of sequences a little repetitive: he kills some guys, gets taken down – temporarily, manages to get back up and keep going. Again and again.

Still, the intensity is, for the most part, kept high thanks to strong direction, bone-crackling sound design, and dramatic music.

I also appreciated the point of difference here: a focus on loss and mourning. The body count is high – very high – but there’s an emphasis on the emotional pain of loss. And that goes for the bad guys too. At one point, our hero is told that he is a monster, and in many ways, he is.

Kill delivers on that title’s promise – and then some.