‘Let it Snow’ Trailer: Escaping a Snowmobile Killer in Chilly Slasher Flick

Grindhouse Entertainment

Take a look at the trailer that’s been released for Let it Snow, a snow-covered slasher horror film getting a VOD release this September.

The Ukraine-Georgia co-production follows an engaged snowboard-loving couple who decide to check out the powder on a restricted slope. Bad times ahead. Mia (Ivanna Sakhno, Pacific Rim: Uprising) is soon in for a fight of her life when she is separated from her fiancé… with a masked snowmobile rider – and likely satanist? – on her tail.

This marks the directorial debut for filmmaker Stanislav Kapralov, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Omri Rose. The trailer suggests a tense, entertaining survival pic, with a potentially exhausting part for Sakhno and some nice cinematography from D.O.P. Yevgeny Usanov.

Let it Snow will be released on VOD in the U.S. on September 22nd.

Separated from her fiancé after sneaking onto a restricted slope, a free-riding snowboarder must survive not only against nature, but also the masked snowmobile rider in black who is out for her blood.

Grindhouse Entertainment
Grindhouse Entertainment


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