‘Little Fish’ Trailer: Olivia Cooke & Jack O’Connell-Starring Pandemic Drama Looks Heartbreaking

IFC Films

IFC Films has released the official trailer for upcoming romantic drama Little Fish, led by Olivia Cooke and Jack O’Connell.

The film follows a couple and the struggles they endure as a memory-loss virus begins to spread. He is soon struck with the virus, threatening to erase all recollection of their love and past relationship.

Yeah, doesn’t appear to be an exactly feel-good film, and it’s certainly understandable if one were to be wary of a sad pandemic film during this time, but it does look quite good. Plus, there’s the reliability of having Cooke and the always-solid O’Connell as your leads. This one reminds me a little of underrated 2011 film Perfect Sense, which had Ewan McGregor and Eva Green falling in love while a pandemic robs people of their sensory perceptions. The ending of that one haunted me for quite sometime.

Little Fish, not to be confused with the powerful Cate Blachett-starrer of the same name from 2005, is directed by Chad Hartigan (This Is Martin Bonner, Morris from America) and written by Mattson Tomlin (co-writer of upcoming DC movie The Batman). The film will be released in limited US cinemas and hits on demand on February 5th, 2021.

IFC Films



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