New ‘London Has Fallen’ Trailer Blows Stuff Up

Get ready for explosions, bullets, and patriotism. No, this isn’t another Michael Bay film, it’s London Has Fallen, the creatively titled sequel to 2013 actioner Olympus Has Fallen.

Gerard Butler returns as the guard of the U.S. President (Aaron Eckhart), who is this time in danger from a terrorist organisation intent on destroying London, unless they’re handed the President for slaughtering on live television.

While this is certainly not for everyone, there’s something decidedly old-school and fun about this one – at least from the trailer. The first film was a surprisingly gritty action pic, and made no qualms disguising itself from what it was: an entertaining, violent and silly action-thriller. The follow-up looks to be in the same vein, albeit with a much higher budget.

London Has Fallen, also starring Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Robert Forster, Jackie Earle Haley, Alon Moni Aboutboul, Melissa Leo, Radha Mitchell, and Waleed Zuaiter, will open in the U.S. on March 4, 2016.

Synopsis for London Has Fallen:

The sequel to the worldwide smash hit Olympus Has Fallen begins in London, where the British Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious circumstances. His funeral is a must-attend event for leaders of the western world. But what starts out as the most protected event on earth, turns into a deadly plot to kill the world’s most powerful leaders, devastate every known landmark in the British capital, and unleash a terrifying vision of the future. Only three people have any hope of stopping it: the President of the United States, his formidable secret service head (Gerard Butler), and an English MI-6 agent who rightly trusts no one.