Series to Tackle ‘Riverdale’ Star Marisol Nichols’ Undercover Work Fighting Child Predators and Human Traffickers

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Well, here’s a television series idea that’s far from the usual.

Marisol Nichols, who plays Hermione Lodge in Riverdale, has had quite the volunteer job on the side. For the past six years, Nichols has been working with the FBI as an undercover agent in stings taking down human traffickers and child sex predators. Yep.

A May article in Marie Claire placed the spotlight on Nichols’ work fighting sex trafficking. She has worked with various departments and gone undercover as a parent pimping out their child and even as the child (as a child on the phone or dressed as a teen) in sex stings undertaken in the US and internationally. It’s quite the fascinating read; you can check out the article in full HERE.

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures Television has now acquired the rights to the story and is in the process of developing it into a series. Nichols will be on board as executive producer and is expected to star.

Nichols, whose credits include 24, NCIS, Criminals Minds and Teen Wolf, has been quite outspoken about human trafficking and in 2014 founded nonprofit Foundation for a Slavery Free World.

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