Mark Wahlberg May Be “The Six Million Dollar Man”

mark wahlberg six million dollar man
Universal’s long-gestating film adaptation of 1970s sci-fi TV series The Six Million Dollar Man is finally coming together, and Mark Wahlberg may very well be the lead. While nothing official has been stated, The Tracking Board is reporting that Wahlberg is attached to star with filmmaker Peter Berg (Hancock, Battleship) attached as producer and possible director. The two recently worked together on Sole Survivor.

The series, which ran from 1974 to 1978, told the story of a crippled test pilot who is rebuilt with nuclear powered limbs and implants. He becomes a secret operative, fighting injustice where it is found.

The project has come close to fruition a number of times, with different leads and directors attached since the 90s. Kevin Smith wrote a draft for a film version, but that ended up becoming a comic book titled The Bionic Man. 2003 saw Jim Carrey approach the role, which would have seen him take on a comedic twist for the character. Writer-director Todd Phillips (Old School, The Hangover series) was at the helm of that one. The names continued to attach and detach until 2011, when it seemed that Leonardo DiCaprio would be the unique intelligence agent under Bryan Singer’s direction.

Wahlberg would be good in this physical role, but, when you consider how many times this project has fallen apart, we’ll have to be careful with how high our hopes get. We’re guessing that the “six million dollar” figure in the title would have to rise too…

For those interested, here’s the original intro for the series: