It’s Marvel vs. DC and Iron Man vs. Superman in Fan Made Trailers

Comic book adaptations have proven to be huge in popular culture, resulting in massive box-office hauls for studios like Marvel, Warner Bros, Sony and Twentieth Century Fox. While the latter two have indeed put forward some huge films, it’s the battle between Marvel and Warner Bros that has provided some great competition. Marvel is truly the leader of the moment, but time will tell how Warner Bros goes with their massive DC movie line up.

Fans of both Marvel and DC may have wondered just how a cross-over film would play out. Well, thanks to YouTuber Alex Luthor, we can now check out what a marvel vs. dc film would look like. On top of that, why not check out how it would be to see Iron Man try and take on Superman.

The two fan-made trailers below are seriously entertaining, showcasing some brilliant editing skills and providing us with an excellent look at what could be. Of course, since there are various snippets from Marvel and Warner Bros’ comic book adaptations, we’re going to put up a slight spoiler warning.


Marvel vs. Dc:

Iron Man vs. Superman: