‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ Trailer: Jason Statham Sequel Adds Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones

mechanic resurrection

The first trailer has been released for Mechanic: Resurrection, a sequel to Jason Statham’s 2011 action-thriller, which itself a remake of the Charles Bronson film from ’72.

Statham’s first Mechanic film wasn’t very good, in this writer’s opinion. While it was good to see Ben Foster in brooding action mode, the film was simply too dry, and there was little entertainment to by found as the film progressed down its silly path. The sequel, on the other hand, looks like a good bit of mindless, old school fun, and it probably doesn’t really need to associate itself with the first film. Scarp the character name and you’ve got another Statham actioner.

Statham’s Arthur Bishop is back, this time pushed into executing a kill list when his gal (Alba) is taken hostage. Also along for the ride is Tommy Lee Jones, who plays a target that ends up helping Bishop to take down the baddies.

The plot is nothing new, and Statham seems to make this type of film at least twice a year, so you know what you’re getting. Either way, it’s good to see Jones actually having some fun and some of those action sequences look decidedly inventive. Yeah, we’re in.

Mechanic: Resurrection, also starring Michelle Yeoh and Sam Hazeldine, hits the U.S. on August 26.

Synopsis for Mechanic: Resurrection:

Arthur Bishop [Jason Statham] returns as the Mechanic in the sequel to the 2011 action thriller. When the deceitful actions of a cunning but beautiful woman [Jessica Alba] force him to return to the life he left behind, Bishop’s life is once again in danger as he has to complete an impossible list of assassinations of the most dangerous men in the world.

MECHANIC_ressurection - movie poster