‘Monsters of Man’ Trailer: This Indie Aussie Sci-Fi Film is Becoming a Digital Hit

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Take a look at the trailer for Monsters of Man, an ambitious action sci-fi film that was self-funded and self-distributed by Brisbane filmmaker Mark Toia.

The film follows a group of volunteer doctors who witness the slaughter of an entire village. The culprits: AI robots, put in the field by a corrupt CIA agent (Neal McDonough, Captain America, Minority Report).

With what look like seriously impressive special effects for an independently-produced Aussie film, the film has proven to be a hit following its digital release. As was announced in early January, its first week of release saw the film hit the top spot on both Apple TV and Google Play in its genre categories in America and Australia.

“This is an incredible result, my team and I have worked very hard on giving the audience an adrenaline pumping action film and it seems people are connecting with Monsters of Man,” said Toia. “To debut at number one on Apple TV and Google Play in the action/sci-fi category is unreal for our independently funded film.”

Monsters of Man is now out on all good digital platforms globally, and will be on DVD in the USA and other territories soon.

Director Mark Toia | Image provided.
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