Survey Reveals Most Binge-Watched Shows


It’s hard to believe that at some point in history you couldn’t just sit down and smash out an entire season or two of your favourite TV show. Not only that, it’s hard to believe that there was ever a time when binge-watching one program was considered a rare event. Well, thanks to the fact that we can now obtain entire seasons of series in a variety of different formats, we can now glue our eyes to that screen till our retinas die, and why wouldn’t we? TV absolutely rocks right now.

TiVo has released the findings of their TiVo Spring 2014 Binge-Viewing Survey, and here are some of the interesting facts pointed out.

  • 91 percent of the 15,196 survey respondents report binge-viewing as common viewing behaviour.
  • 40 percent of respondents had binged within a week and 69 percent had binged within a month of the survey.
  • Three-quarters of survey respondents admitted to “super-binging”: Watching an entire season (or more) of a specific program over multiple days.
  • Only one-third of respondents felt that the term “binge” had negative connotations, compared to over half of those surveyed last year.

“When television seasons began in the fall and ended in May and the menu of great TV programs was shorter, viewers could use summer reruns to catch up on missed episodes of their favorite shows,” said TiVo Chief Research Officer Jonathan Steuer. “Today, though, the menu of available television fare has expanded to include thousands of channels, original programming from broadcast, cable and over-the-top sources and year-round premieres. It is now literally impossible for viewers to see all the shows they enjoy when they are first broadcast, and there’s no ‘summer break’ when viewers can catch up. But thanks to the control over cable, broadcast and OTT content afforded by TiVo, and to the proliferation of streaming services like Netflix, binge-viewing has rapidly become common practice.”


So, what are the top shows that have us binging? They are as follows:

1. Breaking Bad

2. House of Cards

3. Game of Thrones

4. The Walking Dead

5. Downton Abbey

6. Star Trek (any version)

7. Homeland

8. Mad Men

9. Doctor Who

10. NCIS

Surprised by the results? Which show did you binge the most on? Spill the beans in the comments section below.